My attempt at getting a PC or Mac into my 2003 WRX wagon.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Valentine V1 + XM Radio

The latest developments on the car PC include the installation of an XM Direct unit which I've yet to get to work and I also just ordered a little tool which will allow me to hook up my Valentine V1 radar detector to the PC. Coolness. Given the issues I currently have with the LCD's brightness I'll probably keep both interfaces for now (PC + remote display).

The XM radio doesn't work, yet. And I'm regretting the fact that they don't have any NPR stations and not having done my homework ahead of time. I built the cable last night and that didn't work so I tried connecting it via a Serial to USB device and that doesn't work either. For starters I tried using a demo version of TimeTrax software but it never gets past the step where it seeks out the device. I'll probably try a different piece of software in the interim, like Frodo player. The device hasn't been activated yet and I don't know how well TimeTrax deals with this situation. We'll see ...


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